APlusserve Provide Advance Plus Solution For Industrial Computer & Networking .Product Detail Industrial PC, Embedded Board, Panel PC, HMI, Single Board Computer, Mini ITX, Industrial LCD Monitor, Touch Screen, Industrial Ethernet Switch, Media Convertor, PoE, Serial To Ethernet, Industrial Wireless LAN.
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Product  Selection Guide

Power Supplies
1U Type

Features PS150-1U PS250-1U PS270-1U APS-113
Model  name PS150-1U   ATX150W PS250-1U   ATX250W PS270-1U   ATX270W APS-113  1U   ATX250W
Input Range 100~240VAC Full Range 100~240VAC Full Range 90~264VAC Full Range 90 ~ 230 VAC Full Range
Output Voltage +5V 14A (2A min) 25A (3A min) 18A (0.5A min) 18A max (0.3A min)
+3.3V 10A (1A min) 14A (1A min) 16A (0.5A min) 10A max (0.5A min)
+12V 6A (1A min) 12A (1A min) +12V1, 16A (1A min) 17A max (1A min)
-12V 0.8A (0.1A) 1A (0.05 min) -12V2, 10A (1A min) 0.8A max  (0A min)
-5V 0.5A (0.1A) 0.5A (0.05 min) -12V, 0.8A -
+5Vsb 1.5A (0.1A) 1.5A (0.1 min) 2.5A 2A max  (0A min)
MTBF (hours) At 25°C, 100,000h 100,000h At 25°C, 100,000h 100,000 h at 25°C
Safety TUV, UL, UL+C, CE, 3C UL1950,CSA 22.2 NO/950,TUV IEC 950 TUV, CSA 22.2 NO.60950-1, IEC, UL, NEMKO, CE Meets UL60950,
Dimensions 190 x 100 x 40 mm 205 x 100 x 40.5 mm 150 x 81.5 x 40.5 mm 150 x 81.5 x 40.3 mm
Compatible with Products AX62140 / AX60530 AX62140 / AX60530 AX6052 / AX61120 EM60320I / EM60320I -CF

Power Supplies
PS/2 Type

Features PS300-XP2 PS301-XP2 PS400-XP2 PS500-XP2
Model  name PS300-XP2   ATX300W PS301-XP2 ATX300W PS400-XP2 ATX400W PS500-XP2 ATX500W
Input Range Slide Switch(115Vac/230Vac) 90~264VAC Full Range 90~264VAC Full Range 90~265VAC Full Range
Output Voltage +5V 30/21.5A (0.5A min) 30A (0.1A min) 20A (0.5A min) 24A (0.3A min)
+3.3V 15/28A (0.3A min) 28A (0.3A min) 20A (0.3A min) 24A (0.5A min)
+12V 15A (4.2A min) 15A +12V1, 16A (1A min) +12V, 34A (1A min)
-12V 0.8A (0.4A min) 0.8A +12V2, 16A (1A min) +12V1, 17A (1A min)
-5V 0.3A (0.15A) 0.3A -12V, 0.5A -12V, 0.8A (0.05A)
+5Vsb 2A (1A min) 2A 2.5A (1A min) 2A
MTBF (hours) At 25°C, 100,000h At 25°C, 100,000h At 25°C, 100,000h At 25°C, 200,000h
Safety TUV, CS22.2 NO.60950-1,IEC, UL, NEMKO+CB, CE, 3C TUV, CS22.2 NO.60950-1,IEC, UL, NEMKO EN60950-1, TUV, CS22.2 NO.60950-1,IEC, UL, NEMKO+CB, CE TUV, CUL, CB, IEC60950-1, GB4943-2001, UL60950-1
Dimensions 150 x 140 x 74 mm 150 x 140 x 74 mm 150 x 140 x 74 mm 150 x 140 x 86 mm
Compatible with Products AX61221, AX61222 AX61221, AX61222, AX61221, AX61222, AX61221, AX61222,

Power Supplies
Mini Redundant

Features PS300-HRP PS301-HRP PS401-HRP PS460-HRP
Model  name PS300-HRP - ATX300W PS301-HRP - ATX300W PS401-HRP - ATX400W PS460-HRP - ATX460W
Input Range 90~264VAC Full Range 90~264VAC Full Range 90~264VAC Full Range 90~264VAC Full Range
Output Voltage +5V 25A (3A min) 36A (7A min) 35A (5A min) 40A (5A min)
+3.3V 18A (1A min) 25A (3A min) 28A (1A min) 30A (1.0A min)
+12V 16A (2A min) 17A (2.5A min) 20A (2.5A min) 32A (2.5A min)
-12V 0.5A 0.8A 1A 1A
-5V 0.5A 0.8A 0.8A 0.8A
+5Vsb 2A (0.1A min) 1A (0.1A min) 2A (0.1A min) 2A (0.1A min)
MTBF (hours) 100,000h 100,000h 100,000h 100,000h
Dimensions 185 x 150 x 86 mm 196 x 167 x 205 mm 183 x 167 x 187.8 mm 194.2 x 354 x 106 mm
Compatible with Products AX61491, AX6156E AX61490, AX61492 AX61490, AX61492 AX61622
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